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GOF-South LVIII Voting

  • You will find a voting sheet in your Welcome Packet, and it contains a unique Attendee Code.  This code is also on your Attendee Badge, near the Voting QR code.

  • You can choose to enter your voting chocies as you walk the field of the show, enjoying the cars, or fill out your votes on the included voting sheet and enter them afterwards.


  • To enter your votes on this page, first enter your unique Attendee Code.

  • When you have made your voting choices, click the black "Submit my votes" button at the bottom.

  • You don't have to vote for a car in every class.

               Begin Voting Below:               

Enter Your Unique Attendee Code Here (required):

Class A-MG TC

Class B-MG TD

And now for the big winner...

Thank you for participating in GOF-South LVIII, we hope you enjoyed it!

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