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Gathering of the Faithful 2022

Howie-In-The-Hills, Florida

April 19-21, 2022

An early picture of the overall show, with less than half of the almost 125 cars that attended.

GOF 2022-20220422 (16).jpg

Best In Show Award Winner!

1932 J2

Owner: Robert Carr

Friday's Meet & Greet BBQ

at The Mission Inn

Tuckaway Shores

October 24, 2020

MG members helping members

20200919_223003 (1).jpg

St Johns River Steak and Seafood

September 19, 2020

Our MG group thoroughly enjoyed the good fellowship, great food and beautiful views of Lake Monroe on the screened porch.

Picnic D'elegance 2020 at

Lester & Ann Arial's in Mt Dora

and a good time was had by all

Hollerbach's Willow Tree 2019

Vero Beach May 2019

1954 MG TF

Paul Plasschaert​​


All older members in the club will remember that Paul ran out of gas a view times and this to the inconvenience of those in the caravan. 

He decided to remedy the problem by mounting a larger gas tank on his car so it will never happen again. 

1954 MG TF

Brad Parlee

This MG TF was originally owned by Brad Parlee's father when he was doing his residency in Philadelphia and was parked when he left for Vietnam in 1968. It's been housed in various garages since, aside from a brief excursion when Brad did a quick fix up and took it to his senior prom in 1979. The car is currently being restored and is in the process of being repainted.

1973 MGB GT

Jack Collins

Purchased in late 2013, Jack Collins completed a full restoration of his tired MGB GT. This car was repainted a beautiful Old English White and has a red interior installed. There are loads of custom features such as remote door locks, cruise control, air conditioning, and many more.


2014 All British Car Show 

​​This event was held at Mead Gardens on April 5, 2014. This was the 30th annual edition of this event which showcased over 200 British cars of all makes. Our club traditionally participates in the organization and operation of the event, and shares in any proceeds.


2014 Lift Day 

​​Our lift day was a tremendously successful and well attended event that was sponsored and hosted by Pete Rogers at his manufacturing facility in Umatilla. It was well attended and many repairs were accomplished, thanks to Pete, his son and staff who were there to help.

2013 Tour of Lights


The 2013 Tour of Lights was a great success! Here's a short video showcasing some of the decorated houses we passed as we cruised through some neighborhoods. You can also see more photos of this event below the video.

2008 Palatka Event


These are photos from our club's overnight trip to Palatka, FL. During our event, we toured the beautiful Sunken Garden Park.

2013 Flankey Mini Car Show & Chili Cook Off

November of each year brings us to the Annual Flankey Mini Car Show and Chili Cook-off. The event was held in Oakland’s Speer Park, courtesy of Oakland residents Tony and Marsha Geraci and Will Bowden. The weather was cool, there was a lot of great food, MG’s & LBC’s, tale tellers and 7 Chili recipes to taste and vote on!

2012 GOF South #46


These are photos of our 2012 GOF South #46.  It was at the Hilton in Altamonte Springs ,  March 23 -March 25. All photos are courtesy of George Butz.

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