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Need an Operation Manual for your MG?

I feel that this month’s tech tip is one of the most important sources of information for newbee MG owners like me … Original Factory Manuals. Our car’s Workshop Manual and Operation Manual should be the first places to look for an answer to a question or problem.

Manuals are available as printed books or as digital files for most MGs. I keep a digital copy of the Operator’s Manual and the Workshop Manual for my TF on my iPhone and on my iPad for instant access when I am on the road or in my garage. A copy stored on my computer allows me to view or to print out just the pages that I need to use.

“How-to-fix-it” information is in the Workshop Manual. Contact me if you need a digital version of the Workshop Manual for your MG. I may have one. I also have Parts Lists, Lucas manuals, SU manuals, and others.

“How-to-operate-it” information is in the Operation Manual / Driver’s Handbook. It’s not unusual for the Operation Manual to be lost by previous owners.


Here are links to twenty-two MG Operation Manuals. Click on the name of the manual. Then click on ​“Allow” in the pop-up window.

To download and save the file to your computer, open the manual and hover your mouse over the central bottom of the page. A bar of icons will pop up. Click on the “Save” icon.

Note: A few of the files have special instructions for downloading and saving.

Do you have a tech tip, suggestion, or question that you would like to share with the club? Contact me.

Next month: “Gearboxes for Dummies” My journey though the gearbox school of hard knocks.

Lonnie Cook


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