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The Gathering of the Faithful


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GOF South 2024 Drives


Cedar Key

About an hour northwest of the Plantation Resort on Crystal River, Cedar Key is a small, quaint town located on a few Gulf islands. Situated at the confluence of the Suwannee River and the Gulf, Cedar Key's brackish, nutrient-rich water is ideal for clams and other seafood, and is home to a number of great restaurants.  Tony’s is one that comes with the highest recommendations.  This is only one aspect that makes for a fantastic destination in your MG.  From the Resort turn left on US 98 and then head west on SR 24.  When the road ends, you have arrived at Cedar Key.  Click here for Google Maps directions.


Cedar Key is along the route south for many driving from the North.  Once the second largest city in Florida, Cedar Key now has 687 residents and 13 restaurants, and is not to be missed while in the area.


Recommended for lunch on Thursday.  Or, those traveling north might also stop by on their way home on Sunday.


Thursday Dinner Drives


Tweed Drive - [Registration Required] Vintage on 5th, located in downtown Crystal River, is a fine-dining restaurant.  Dress in Tweed and enjoy a grand meal among MG enthusiasts.  Reservations are required.  You must register for the “Tweed Drive” on the GOF South registration form to reserve a spot.  Limited to 20 people (registration required), private room, 3 entrée selection, full appetizer and dessert menu.  Meet at 6 pm for a group drive leaving the Resort at 6:15 pm.   Google Maps directions will be provided after registration is closed.


Gathering on the Water – A relaxed, laid-back atmosphere for enjoying fresh seafood and conversation with friends – The Crab Plant.  No registration required.  Ask for tables of 4 or 6 and invite other MG owners to join you.  Suggested time 6:00 pm, but you may choose to arrive earlier or later.  From hotel - left on W Ft. Island Trail, left on Three Sisters Springs Trail, left on NE 3rd St., right on Citrus Ave., left on NW 5th St.  (2 miles).  Click here for Google Maps directions.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Impromptu or Lunch Drives  (on your own schedule)


Coastal Breeze Route – Turn right leaving the hotel onto W Ft. Island Trail.  Drive to the end of the road at Fort Island Beach. Along the route, the Food Truck Café at Shrimp Landing serves a wonderful lunch. You can select fresh seafood at the market then have it cooked at the Food Truck or select from their menu.  9 miles one way, click here for Google Maps directions.


Tail of the Gator – Turn left leaving the hotel, right on US 98, then turn right on W Ozello Trail (1.8 miles), and drive to the end of the road to Ozello Community Park.  Twisty and scenic, it is claimed to be the best road in Florida! There are two great restaurants along the way for lunch stops – Blackwater Fins and Peck’s Old Port Cove. 12 miles one way, click here for Google Maps directions to the park.


Fruit of the Sea – Located just 2 miles north of the hotel, in downtown Crystal River, The Crab Plant features a wide variety of shellfish, and makes for a good choice for lunch.  Enjoy Stone Crab Claws (hurry, the Season will end soon after GOF-South) or a Low Country Boil in a relaxed atmosphere on the waterfront.  Left on W Ft. Island Trail, left on Three Sisters Springs Trail, left on NE 3rd St., right on Citrus Ave., left on NW 5th St.  Click here for Google Maps directions.

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Sorry, the Tweed Drive capacity is full

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