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GOF-South LVIII Voting

  • You will find a voting sheet in your Welcome Packet, and it contains a unique Attendee Code.  This code is also on your Attendee Badge, below the Voting QR code.

  1. Scan the QR Code with your phone to access the Voting Form

  2. To enter your votes, first enter your unique Attendee Code in the light red box.

  3. Make whatever choices you would like to in the appropriate fields, and then click the black "Submit my votes" button at the bottom.

  4. After you click the "Submit my votes" button, a Thank You note will pop up, indicating your votes were registered.

  • You may vote as many times as you wish, which is useful if you would like to change a vote or add one that you skipped previously.  However, the more times you submit votes, the more work for the Awards Committee, so please try to be efficient with your submissions.

  • If you vote the same class and place twice, only the last registered vote will count.​

  • You don't have to vote for 1st through 3rd in every class or even vote for a car in every class.

  • This show is about you, so have fun with the voting.  Vote for your favorites, whether they’re beautiful or quirky.  Go ahead and vote for your friend’s car, but please vote for others as well.  Those owners have put a lot of time and effort into their MGs too.

               Begin Voting Below:               

Enter Your Unique Attendee Code Here (required):

Class A-MG TC

Class B-MG TD

Class C-MG TF

Class D-MGA

Class E-MGB Chrome Bumper

Class F-MGB Rubber Bumper

Class G-MGB GT

Class H-MGC

Class J-Midget

Class K-Modified

Class L-Sedan/Variant

Class M-Pre War

Class P-Premier

And now for the big winner...

Thank you for participating in GOF South 2024, we hope you're enjoying yourselft!!!

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