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2024 Indian River Drive

Bob Moore did an amazing job with the Indian River Drive.  He even arranged for a beautiful day, with just a minor shower to wash the road dust off of our MGs.  We started with breakfast at the Town House Restaurant in Oviedo, and then headed East and North to a late lunch at Goodrich's Seafood in Oak Hill, FL. 

We had a fine mix of Ts and Bs, along with a chase car or three.  The drive took us to a couple of parks for breaks in the shade, and the good old MGs even enjoyed a bio-break at a McDonalds along the way.  An ice cream was a wonderful treat!

Everybody had a fantastic time over the almost 200 mile journey; make sure you don't miss the next one!


20240504-Indian River Drive-Buie_Scott_1038136.jpg

Please enjoy the pictures below, simply clck on the individual pics for a larger version

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